Samsung Electronics said Monday it has made a breakthrough in developing mobile technology for fifth-generation networks, though it expects it will take years until the service is brought online for subscribers.三星电子(Samsung Electronics)周一回应,该公司在研发第五代移动通信技术上已获得突破性进展。但该公司预计运营商开始落成这项技术还须要几年的时间。The South Korean company said it has found a way to transmit large volumes of data using a much higher frequency band than conventional ones in use, which would eventually allow users to send massive data files at a much faster speeds through their mobile devices, practically without limitation.三星电子回应,该公司早已寻找一种利用比目前用于的传统频段更高的频段传输大量数据的方法。这种方法最后容许用户通过移动设备以比以往更快的速度传输大量数据,完全不不受速度限制。


The technology could easily gain fans among phone users routinely sending and receiving large amounts of data. With 5G networks, for example, users would be able to send super-high-definition movie files in a matter of seconds, according to Samsung.这项技术有可能精彩取得那些常常发送到和接管大量数据的手机用户的注目。三星说道,比如在5G网络下,用户仅有用几秒时间就可以传输一部超高清电影文件。The fastest wireless technology in operation — 4G or long-term evolution — has yet to be widely adopted world-wide, and the next immediate phase for the standard is likely to be a shift to 4.5G networks, analysts say. Many networks still employ 3G.目前投放运营的速度最慢的4G无线技术(也称之为“长年演变技术”)仍未在全球范围内普遍使用。分析师说道,4G标准的下一步有可能是向4.5G网络改变。

目前很多网络依然使用3G技术。Samsung has eyes on commercializing 5G technology by 2020, matching a recently set target by the European Union. The EU announced earlier this year a plan to invest 50 million euros in research to deliver 5G mobile technology by 2020.三星计划到2020年前构建5G技术的商用,这和欧盟最近原作的标准相符。欧盟今年早些时候宣告了一项计划,即投放5,000万欧元的研发资金,以便到2020年需要拿走5G移动技术。Many mobile operators are still transitioning to 4G wireless technology and they would have to be as swift in deploying the next-generation wireless data networks for the transition to 5G to materialize as planned, analysts note.分析师认为,很多移动运营商还正处于向4G无线技术过渡性的过程中,它们必需像计划的那样很快部署下一代无线数据网络,以便此后能构建向5G过渡性。

The competition for technology leadership in next-generation mobile communications development is getting increasingly fierce, and Samsungbelieves it will trigger the creation of international alliances and the timely commercialization of related mobile broadband services, the company said.三星回应,下一代移动通信研发中有关技术领先地位的竞争更加白热化。三星坚信竞争将启动时各种国际联盟的问世,并带给涉及移动宽带服务的及时商业化。